Reasons Why a Cat Doesn’t Meow

A lot of cat owners delight in the audio of their pet cat purring away. If your pet cat isn’t really a talker, it might be typical feline behavior yet seek signs that it’s something a lot more significant.

Is It Unnatural 

If a normally singing pet cat instantly falls peaceful for prolonged time periods, some worry might be required. Especially if your family pet seems inactive or clinically depressed, a veterinarian see is an excellent suggestion. If your pet dog has always been on the peaceful side however otherwise appears delighted and healthy, after that it’s most likely the cat’s nature and is perfectly typical.

Cats are individuals, much like human beings, as well as there are quiet types in addition to avid talkers. Pet cat articulation likewise often tends to be breed-specific. Siamese cats are notoriously loud as well as harsh in their abundant meows, while a Birman is quiet by nature. When a loud breed suddenly falls silent, it’s most likely to be cause for worry.

Cat’s normally aren’t really singing with each other, besides a women pet cat as well as her kittycats. Several researchers in fact believe that house pet cats explain in words with their people in the same way that they make with their kittens. Meowing guided at human beings is an attribute of domestication and a way for felines to communicate with their proprietors. Due to the fact that grown-up felines don’t meow at each other, it’s not uncommon for your kitten to gradually get quieter as it ages. This is not something you need to stress over.


  • Attempt “chatting it up” with your feline to see if the cat reacts. Try speaking to your feline the method you would a close friend. Time out in your conversation the means you would in human-to-human conversation to see if you get an action.
  • Look in your cat’s direction as you talk to encourage meowing. Make sure your cat recognizes you’re attempting to interact with it for best results.
  • Play an audio recording or reveal a video of cats meowing to see if your feline will respond.

Reasons Why a Cat May Not Vocalize

While most instances of pet cats not meowing are merely “individuality” problems, it’s occasionally the situation that a much more major physical problem can trigger a feline’s silence. Talk with your veterinarian if you believe one more reason or if the silence is brand-new.

Respiratory Infection

As in human beings, a top breathing infection (URI) can create hoarseness as well as laryngitis in pet cats. If your family pet also is showing symptoms such as a drippy nose, watery eyes, sleepiness, or a discharge from the nose and eyes, the lack of meowing might be a signs and symptom of a respiratory infection. Your vet will likely treat this with prescription antibiotics or various other medicine.


In older felines, over active thyroid glands can trigger hoarseness along with weight management. If you suspect this, have your vet run blood examinations as well as suggest treatment.

Laryngeal Paralysis

Although rare, nerve damages to the larynx (voice box) can avoid meowing and likewise hinder a cat’s breathing. It likewise might trigger coughing, weight reduction, as well as trouble consuming. This is a severe circumstance that requires prompt medical focus.


Developments of different types in the throat and also vocal cables of your feline might create it to quit vocalizing. These can vary from totally benign polyps to really significant cancerous developments. If your pet cat shows hoarseness in addition to an altered sound in its voice, sneezing, coughing, and also repeating ear infections, take it to your vet for evaluation and also therapy. The vet may take a biopsy sample to check for cancer cells.

In many cases, a feline’s silence is just an option or an expression of its nature as well as isn’t anything to fret about. When its silence is accompanied by other symptoms, always look for a specialist point of view.

Accepting Cat

Occasionally cats (like individuals) just require a little bit of inspiration. If your feline remains quiet, simply appreciate your family pet for who it is. Cats are naturally quiet animals. If you’re unable to obtain your pet cat to vocalize do not feel too bad concerning it. Grown-up meowing might not remain in its nature. You may also count your true blessings, as other individuals are troubled with too much vocalization in their felines.

If your animal has constantly been on the peaceful side yet or else seems satisfied and healthy, then it’s most likely the cat’s nature and also is completely normal.

Cats are individuals, simply like people, and also there are quiet kinds as well as passionate talkers. Siamese pet cats are infamously loud and also severe in their numerous meows, while a Birman is quiet by nature. Cat’s typically aren’t very vocal with each various other, other than for a women pet cat and her kitties. Since grown-up felines don’t meow at each other, it’s not uncommon for your kittycat to slowly get quieter as it ages.

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