British Shorthair cat – full description

Take one consider the British Shorthair and also you’ll quickly be reeled in by his enjoyable expression and also round features. This is among the earliest English cat breeds, and also this calmness, peaceful feline has actually gained a location in households and also hearts in Britain and also past for his easygoing way.

Virtually every little thing on the British Shorthair is round– these pet cats have a round head, brilliant round eyes, chubby cheeks, round paws, and also a tail with a rounded suggestion. These pet cats feature various layer colors, but a striking blue shade is just one of one of the most popular. In fact, this type is occasionally described as the British Blue. The British Longhair keeps just the same attributes but sporting activities a much longer coat. Really few pet cat pc registries identify the British Longhair as a different breed.

Full description

  • weight: 7 to 17 pounds; men are typically larger than females
  • length: 22 to 25 inches
  • coat: Short and also dense
  • shade: Colors consist of strong white, black, red, lotion, and also blue (most common), additionally bi-color, tabby, calico, smoke, and also shaded selections.
  • eye: Copper, eco-friendly, gold, blue, odd-eyed
  • span: 12 to 16 years


Among England’s earliest cat breeds, the British Shorthair in fact has Roman origins. It seems that when the Roman forces invaded England throughout their period of realm development, they brought along cats to shield their food products from rodents. The cats colonized the location as well as were a common street cat for centuries.

In the late 1800’s, a British man named Harrison Wier is attributed with coming to be the first cat breeder. He is accountable for domesticating the usual British road pet cat and also via a reproducing program as well as selective crossbreeding, developed the cat we understand today as the British Shorthair.

The breed almost ceased to exist during the tough economic times of The second world war. Post-war, nevertheless, the remaining bloodlines were crossed with other types including the Domestic Shorthair, Russian Blue, and Persian breeds to maintain their presence.

The very first breed windows registry to identify the British Shorthair was the American Cat Organization in 1967. Other companies followed suit including the International Pet cat Association in 1979 and also the Pet Cat Fanciers Association in 1980.


While being friendly as well as positive, these cats are simple caretakers. The British Shorthair is not overly requiring when it concerns grooming or attention, and also they’re not an extremely vocal breed.

The breed includes thick, luxurious brief hair– with more hair per square inch than any other feline breed. Your cat will certainly gain from brushing several times a week to remove loosened hairs and dander, while preventing hairballs. In springtime, these pet cats will shed a lot more hair as they shed their winter season layer, so you might need to brush them more frequently during this moment duration.

Many people discover that the British Shorthair grows from a spirited kitty into a sensible yet friendly grown-up cat. Don’t expect them to grow to full-size overnight, though. The British Shorthair is slow to mature; on average, these pet cats get to full-size by about the age of 3, but some do not totally mature until the age of five. These felines aren’t likely to spring right into your lap and they do not particularly like to be held or lugged, but they frequently do enjoy the company of their human relative as well as will certainly commonly spend time playing or snoozing the very same area.

British Shorthairs have relatively reduced power demands and also are understood to be vertically challenged– they do not have an online reputation for jumping onto counters or other high perches. Actually, this propensity towards lack of exercise suggests it’s an excellent concept to regularly involve your feline in play for his own health and wellness as well as psychological stimulation. Nevertheless, their capacity to be content by themselves additionally indicates that they can tolerate being left residence alone for an extensive period of time without struggling with splitting up stress and anxiety.

If you have youngsters or other family pets in the residence, these felines are most likely to be tolerant and approving– as long as they can have their personal area. Show youngsters not to by force hold or carry your cat, as well as don’t let other animals bug this feline that likes its dignity.

It interests note that the Cheshire Feline of Alice in Paradise was based upon the British Shorthair. The particular smile as well as smart method of the character are hallmarks of this breed.

Health Problems

Thanks to a robust hereditary swimming pool, the British Shorthair is a healthy and balanced breed that isn’t understood for being afflicted with many hereditary troubles. Nevertheless, they can be in jeopardy for Hemophilia B, which is a hereditary bleeding disorder. A simple DNA test enables breeders to screen their pet cats as well as see if they’re a carrier for the illness.

Defend against letting the British Shorthair end up being overweight. While these felines are durable and also solid, they shouldn’t end up being pudgy. It may be necessary to urge them to work out with interactive toys and hands-on play time.


Like all pet cats, the British Shorthair take advantage of a balanced diet regimen with high quality ingredients. Feed your pet cat a quantity that is proportionate to his age, activity, and energy levels.

While these cats are usually not singing beggars as well as do not usually put forth the power required to leap onto counters or tables, it’s best to prevent teaching them bad habits by feeding them food from your plate at mealtimes.

More Breeds 

The British Shorthair is a prominent cat breed for its easy individuality and independent nature. Nonetheless, it’s not the ideal choice for everyone, especially if you want a lap feline who is constantly looking for affection. Take your time to understand this breed’s character and care needs prior to dedicating to a new hairy member of the family. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with a devoted, sensible pet dog to enjoy for several years ahead.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is both one of Britain’s oldest as well as most permanently prominent cat types.

This pet cat is commonly referred to as “teddy bear-like”, as well as this description is as much about character as concerning appearance.

The British Shorthair feline makes a superb newbie feline as well as an ideal family members pet dog.

Keep reading to discover a great deal more about this remarkable and valued cat breed!

What is?

The British Shorthair pet cat can trace its family tree all the way back to ancient Rome!

Initially functioning felines, known to be achieved hunters aboard ships and also on the streets, this cat type had a setback in the mid-19th century.

Only the dedication of dog breeders kept this feline type progressing, and in 1870, the breed was successfully re-established.
In 1874, a British Shorthair pet cat named Brynbuboo Little Monarch won the Grand Champion of the Governing Council of the Feline Fancy.

It is said that every single British Shorthair pet cat alive today can trace their lineage completely back to this certain cat!

Cat weight

The British Shorthair cat does not mature rapidly.

It may take three and even five years for a British Shorthair grown-up pet cat to reach full weight and also dimension.

The British Shorthair female commonly considers anywhere from 7 to 12 pounds (3.2 to 5.4 kg).

The British Shorthair man usually evaluates anywhere from 9 to 17 extra pounds (4.1 to 7.7 kg).

A grown-up British Shorthair pet cat can stand 12 to 14 inches high (paw pads to shoulder).

Cat colors

Did you understand that the preferred British Blue is in truth a British Shorthair?

The British Blue, has taken on an identity of its very own with its distinctive grey-blue fur, however this cat breed can show a lot more shades than just grey-blue.

For example, the British Shorthair bicolor may be grey as well as white (cream).

There is additionally a British Shorthair tabby, pure lotion, black and white, calico, blue spotted, silver red seen and also pure white.

British Shorthair fans have actually created a little gallery of these color variants right here.

The British Shorthair pet cat’s eyes are most frequently a distinctive copper-amber shade. But the eyes can additionally be environment-friendly, hazel, blue or perhaps odd-colored (two different tinted) eyes.


While the British Shorthair does have brief hair, it is really dense and dual layer.

The undercoat in fact drops greater than the top layer does.

Generally, you will require to devote to normal cleaning and pet grooming (two times weekly is best) to keep dropping controlled.

The overall appearance of this pet cat is in some cases described as “feline bulldog” as a result of the British Shorthair’s plush layer, stocky look as well as gait.

This is an extremely balanced looking feline in general when well-bred.


The British Shorthair feline character is laid back, calmness, relaxed, and also at times downright careless.

Seeing a British Shorthair lounging on the sofa, it can be difficult to visualize them breaking a sweat searching down rats on military and trade ships!

Possibly this beloved pet cat knows that its working days are done since it is developed in the hearts of humans worldwide!

This breed is a wonderful selection of feline if you have a family members or various other family pets.

British Shorthair felines are said to like children and can get along well with pet dogs as well as even more unique animals.

These pet cats are reasonably peaceful and do not tend to pronounce excessive.

British Shorthair character.

One essential personality tendency to note: in spite of this feline’s teddy bear looks, the British Shorthair actually does not care much for being gotten or lugged (although there are always exemptions).
But your British Shorthair will certainly wish to be where you are and also involved in what you are doing– these pet cats are extremely caring as well as caring.

Just because they do not want to remain in your arms doesn’t suggest they don’t want to remain in your presence!

They will certainly additionally need lots of exercise as well as a strict diet to avoid this breed’s tendency to eat way too much and put on weight.


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