Oriental Shorthair Cat – full description

The Oriental Shorthair is a svelte cat with stylish attributes and also a layer that is available in a rainbow of colors, with up to 300 shade combinations possible. Part of the Siamese family of feline breeds (which also includes the Siamese, Balinese, and also Asian Longhair), these pet cats are smart, sports, and vocal.

The Oriental Shorthair is frequently included on checklists of pet cat breeds that are ‘hypoallergenic.’ While no type of cat is absolutely hypoallergenic, this breed does generate less of the Fel D1 protein that is accountable for triggering pet cat allergic reactions.

Full description

  • weight: 8 to 10 extra pounds
  • length: About a foot and also a fifty percent long
  • layer: Short as well as smooth
  • color: Several shades possible; consisting of solids, shaded, smoke, as well as tabby shade combinations.
  • eye: Eco-friendly, blue, gold, yellow; odd-eyes are feasible
  • span: 10 to 15 years


The Asian Shorthair arised from the crossbreeding of a number of various other pet cat breeds. Following World War II, many residential pet cat breeds remained in risk. To revitalize the Siamese, breeders in England began introducing Russian Blue, Abyssinian, and also British Shorthairs right into their lines. The outcome was non-pointed kitties that were at some point reproduced back to Siamese felines. Those subsequent crosses produced Siamese-pointed kittycats that would continue the type, together with unique and also stylish color combinations that became the foundation for the breed we know as the Oriental.

At first, each non-pointed color got an one-of-a-kind breed difference, however it was soon recognized that the gene pool of these felines would cause a large quantity of shade combinations. To simplify points, all non-pointed kittycats became known as Orientals.

The Oriental was introduced to the United States in the 1970’s as well as rapidly gained champion standing from the Feline Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1977. Originally the type was just a short-haired range, but better crossbreeding in the USA led to both the Asian Shorthair and also Oriental Longhair breed varieties. The Oriental Longhair received championship condition from the CFA in 1995.

Crossbreeding in the United States also additionally increased the feline’s coat color combinations, causing the approximate 300 varieties of colors and patterns existing today. The Oriental is occasionally described as the “rainbow cat” for its vibrant layer.


Taken into consideration a superb pet, the Asian Shorthair is outbound as well as enjoyable to communicate and observe. They are gregarious naturally, and also unlike lots of other breeds of pet cat, can come to be withdrawn when left alone for extensive periods.

These felines are thought about to be very interactive and also enjoy playing with human member of the family or various other cats or perhaps pets. It’s typically advised that you see to it your Oriental has a hairy friend to keep company with. Several Asian proprietors report that their pet cat frequently welcomes them at the door when they return home and also will certainly start to vocalize with various meows and also chirps.

It should be kept in mind that vocalization is a key part of the Oriental Shorthair’s character, a characteristic shared between pet cats of the Siamese household. These pet cats usually share exhilaration, interest, misery, or various other emotions with a wide range of vocal sounds.

Unlike other breeds of cat that might be stranger-shy, most Orientals take pleasure in fulfilling new people as well as will eagerly request focus by hopping right into the lap of a site visitor. Occasionally, this type ends up being focused on someone and might be much more evasive about interacting with other individuals but this is more of the exemption versus the guideline.

These felines can be taught methods, are commonly adept at walking on a harness when educated at an early age and also might also take pleasure in playing bring. They also have an unbelievable upright as well as usually take pleasure in perching themselves above areas (like the top of a fridge or closets) to keep an eye on activity down below.

A smooth, smooth layer that lies close to the body accents the type’s angular face, wide-set ears, and long legs. The coat is low-maintenance, with the Asian Shorthair doing an excellent task of self-grooming. However, your feline might value a periodic brushing to get rid of any kind of loosened hair and stimulate the skin.

Health Problems

With a hereditary history closely linked with the Siamese, Oriental Shorthairs are inclined to the very same health issue as their sharp family members. Generally, nonetheless, the breed is usually thought about to be healthy.

Health and wellness problems that have actually been observed in Oriental Shorthairs consist of:

  • Bladder rocks
  • Expanded cardiomyopathy
  • Liver amyloidosis
  • Mast cell cancer
  • Crossed eyes


Keeping your Asian Shorthair healthy and balanced calls for feeding a high-quality pet cat food. Don’t let their vocal nature smooth talk you into way too many treats! The lengthy, svelte frame of the Asian should not come to be loose and flabby or obese for the long-term health and wellness of your pet cat.

  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Good with strangers


  • Tends to vocalize a lot
  • More need to perch on high spots

Where to Buy

The Oriental Shorthair got quick popularity after being imported to the USA, and also today the type takes pleasure in a healthy and balanced follower base thanks to its myriad of shades. These cats are occasionally even nicknamed ‘Ornamentals’ because of their large range of vivid layers. Because of this appeal, there are numerous Oriental Shorthair breeders.

You must likewise thinking about open your house to an Asian from a cat rescue. Both regional and national teams exist to find a brand-new residence for displaced Asian Shorthair as well as Longhair felines.

The more you learn about the Oriental Shorthair, the more you’ll understand regarding this distinct and outward bound member of the feline globe. If you’re assessing whether this pet cat is the appropriate one for you, reach out to breeders, pet cat owners, and also get more info on the breed’s special disposition and also requirements.

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The Asian is best called a shade remake of the initial “black and white” Siamese. The type was established utilizing Siamese as the structure breed and then crossing them with various other types. The original intent was to widen the Siamese genetics pool in Britain because numerous reproducing programs had actually been devastated during World War II. Crosses with Russian Blues, British Shorthairs, Abyssinians as well as residential shorthairs created kittycats without the sharp Siamese pattern, which were then bred back to Siamese. In simply a few generations, dog breeders created felines that looked exactly like Siamese, with the exception of the variety of shades and also patterns they presented, along with felines with the conventional pointed pattern. Felines with Siamese points were made use of in Siamese breeding programs, but the non-pointed pet cats came to be the basis for a brand-new breed: the Oriental. When the felines started to be imported into the United States in the 1970s, crosses with American Shorthairs produced yet a lot more colors and also patterns. A longhaired variety was also created. Today Orientals be available in greater than 300 shades as well as patterns, consisting of sharp varieties. Pointed Orientals are not accepted by all feline organizations, and some require them to be revealed as Siamese.


Orientals are medium-size pet cats that generally weigh 5 to 10 pounds.


The Siamese as well as the Asian could vary in shade, but beneath the skin they equal. The Oriental is talkative and opinionated. He will certainly tell you specifically what he thinks, in a loud, scratchy voice, and also he expects you to pay attention as well as act upon his recommendations. Orientals are extremely fond of their individuals. They like to be “handy” and also will certainly follow you around and oversee your every relocation. When you are sitting down, an Asian will remain in your lap, and at night he will certainly remain in bed with you, possibly under the covers with his head on the cushion.

Do not obtain an Oriental if dealing with a friendly busybody would certainly drive you insane. On the other hand, if you appreciate having a person to talk with throughout the day, an Oriental can be your best friend. Simply make sure you have time to invest with this requiring and social cat. Orientals do not such as being laid off for extended periods, and also if you work during the day it can be wise to get 2 of them so they can keep each other firm.

The Asian is extremely smart, dexterous as well as sports, and also enjoys to play. Maintain his active brain energetic with challenge toys as well as his body worked out with intro toys that he can go after and also a big cat tree he can climb. He is fully capable of opening doors as well as cabinets or searching your purse trying to find something interesting or glossy to have fun with. Never ever leave him without any type of entertainment, or you will likely come home to discover that he has actually reprogrammed your DVR to tape-record just nature shows or at the minimum determined that your bathroom tissue rolls as well as tissue boxes look far better vacant.

Pick an Asian if you anticipate spending quality time with and connecting with your cat. This is a loyal and caring feline that will sulk and want if offered little or no interest. In the ideal home, nevertheless, he prospers for many years.


Both pedigreed pet cats and mixed-breed felines have varying incidences of health issue that might be genetic in nature. The same problems that might influence the Siamese can likewise influence the Asian, including the following:.

  • Amyloidosis, a disease that occurs when a kind of healthy protein called amyloid is transferred in body organs, mainly the liver in members of the Siamese family.
  • Asthma/bronchial illness.
  • Congenital heart issues such as aortic stenosis.
  • Crossed eyes.
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as megaesophagus.


The brief, fine layer of the Oriental Shorthair is easily taken care of. Brush it every couple of weeks with a stainless steel comb or soft bristle brush to eliminate dead hair, then brighten it with a soft cloth to make it radiate.

Brush the teeth to avoid periodontal condition. Daily dental health is best, yet once a week cleaning is better than nothing. Clean the edges of the eyes with a soft, damp fabric to get rid of any kind of discharge. Make use of a different location of the cloth for each and every eye so you don’t run the risk of spreading out any kind of infection. Inspect the ears weekly. If they look dirty, wipe them out with a cotton round or soft wet cloth dampened with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and also warm water. Prevent using cotton swabs, which can damage the inside of the ear.

Keep the Oriental’s can spotlessly tidy. Pet cats are really certain regarding washroom hygiene.

Coat Color And Groom

Besides color, the Siamese as well as the Oriental are identical, having a graceful but muscle body with long lines and also a wedge-shaped head that is long and tapering from the slim factor of the nose exterior to the pointers of the ears, developing a triangle. The unusually large ears are large at the base as well as pointed at the tip, providing the very same triangular shape as the head. Medium-size eyes are almond-shaped.

The body is frequently referred to as tubular and is sustained by long, slim legs, with the back legs greater than the front legs. The Asian strolls on small, pretty, oval paws and also swishes a long, slim tail that tapers to a detail. Asian Longhairs have a medium-length coat that is great and also silky. It is longest on the plumed tail. Commonly nicknamed “Ornamentals” as a result of their comprehensive shade scheme, Orientals come in even more colors and patterns than any other breed, consisting of strong, shaded, smoke, parti-color, bi-color as well as tabby. Depending on the layer shade, the eyes may be blue, green, or odd (one blue and one eco-friendly).

Other Pets

The energetic and social Oriental is an excellent option for households with children as well as cat-friendly pets. He will certainly play bring along with any retriever, discovers tricks conveniently and also enjoys the interest he obtains from youngsters that treat him nicely and with respect. He agrees felines and also pet dogs who value his authority. Constantly introduce pet dogs gradually as well as in regulated situations to make certain that they learn to get on with each other.

The Oriental Shorthair resulted from the crossbreeding of a number of other pet cat breeds. The type was just a short-haired selection, but additionally crossbreeding in the United States led to both the Oriental Shorthair and also Oriental Longhair breed varieties. Numerous Asian owners report that their cat often greets them at the door when they return house and also will begin to pronounce with numerous meows and chirps.

Maintaining your Asian Shorthair healthy and balanced requires feeding a top notch cat food. Pet cats with Siamese factors were used in Siamese breeding programs, but the non-pointed cats ended up being the basis for a new breed: the Asian.

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