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Bengal pet cats are gorgeous, smart, as well as wild-looking cats. This crossbreed feline type is growing in appeal due to its patterns and characters, and also it stays concerning the exact same dimension as a big residential house feline. They were created by breeding an Asian leopard pet cat (Felis bengalensis– which is where the name “Bengal” was acquired) with a domestic house pet cat such as an Abyssinian, Egyptian mau, or American shorthair.

Full description

  • weight: 8 to 15 pounds
  • size: Regarding a foot as well as a fifty percent
  • coat: Short (although there is a long-haired variation).
  • color: Detected or marbled layers with patterns described in black, chocolate, or gray/silver.
  • eye: Green or gold.
  • span: 10 to 16 years.


A Bengal cat is thought about a crossbreed type. Bengals are not commonly consisted of in lists that exclude unique or big cat breeds due to the truth that they are smaller sized, are approved by a number of other companies as a pure breed, and also are bred continually previous three generations (the initial 3 generations look and act the wildest). Licensing requirements for Bengal cats were eliminated in the United Kingdom in 2007.

While there were previous efforts at reproducing hybrids between African leopard cats (ALC) and also residential cats, the Bengal cat hybrids are attributed to Jean Sudgen Mill in the 1970s. She got hybrids from Dr. Willard Centerwall who was reproducing them at Loyola University to study their genetics. She reproduced the hybrids with residential cats to generate a breed that had the character of a domestic pet cat and an unique appearance. Greg and Elizabeth Kent crossed African leopard pet cats with Egyptian maus to develop a line of Bengal cats too.

Hybrids are denoted by the generations they are away from their wild ancestry, with F1 denoting the first generation, which has one African leopard feline moms and dad. F2 would have one ALC grandparent, and F3 would have one ALC great-grandparent. It is thought that by F3 the pet cats have the personalities of domestic felines. To be shown, the International Cat Organization (TICA) approves just cats of F4 or more generations gotten rid of from having an ALC forefather. Today, a lot of Bengal felines are reproduced from various other Bengal felines.

Bengals are favorite for their wild-looking markings. Rosettes, marbling, areas, and also red stripes comprise the leopard patterns that differing Bengals show but their main markings are just considered either identified or marbled. The patterns are constantly laid out in black, delicious chocolate, or grey/silver. The layer colors are called brownish tabby (most common), seal sepia tabby, seal mink tabby, seal lynx factor, black silver tabby, seal silver sepia tabby, seal silver mink tabby, and seal silver lynx point. All tones of brownish to black compose the markings and also the brownish tabbies generally have white history fur on their hair pads, chin, upper body, abdominal area, and also inner legs.

Bengal felines were first identified as a speculative type by TICA in 1983 and received full recognition in 1993. The Bengal cat got breed recognition by the Cat Fancier’s Organization in 2016. They are additionally recognized for registration by the American Cat Fanciers Organization, the Canadian Pet Cat Organization, the United Feline Organizations, and also the Governing Council of the Pet Cat Fancy.


As a lot of Bengal cats today are several generations removed from the African leopard cat, they require no special treatment. They are just larger “house cats.” You need to groom your feline with weekly combing to eliminate the dead hair as well as help protect against hairballs. Cut your pet cat’s nails every couple of weeks and also provide a scratching post. Give a tidy and also fresh can as any pet cat is bound to begin declining to use an unclean, stinky one.

Bengal pet cats are active and you need to offer a climbing up tree and opportunities for your pet cat to locate a perch to survey the area. Offer interactive playthings to engage your feline. Spend time playing together; you can educate your pet cat to fetch and also “capture the laser dot.”.

Bengal felines are recognized to enjoy water, a quality that most home pet cats do not have. You may have to be careful that your fish tank does not become an angling fish pond.

Just like any kind of cat, a Bengal cat is finest kept as an indoors-only cat. That secures them from capturing illness from various other pets, entering into fights, being struck by predators, or being struck by automobiles.

This breed needs to hit it off with pet dogs and other felines. Nevertheless, if you have gerbils, hamsters, or guinea pigs you might discover them being stalked by your cat. It is best to maintain felines separate from their natural prey.

Health Problems

Your Bengal cat will certainly need all of the same immunizations as well as preventative health and wellness treatments as a residential cat. They are not immune to feline leukemia infection as their ALC ancestor is. Pure-blooded pet cat types are much more susceptible to genetic diseases than mixed breed domestic cats because of the fact that the gene population that they come from is smaller sized.

Some of the conditions they can be susceptible to include:.

Autosomal recessive condition, which creates early loss of sight in young cats.

Entropian (the rolling in of the eyelids).

Feline contagious peritonitis, a deadly condition that results from infection by the coronavirus.


Bengals eat what various other house pet cats eat– feline food. Yet this generalization can be tricky. Many people prefer to feed a grain-free diet plan or raw diet to their Bengals, especially if they are of the initial 3 generations. For a lot of Bengal proprietors, acquiring a created, grain-free diet regimen is the most sensible means to feed their felines.
Where to Take on or Buy a Bengal Cat.
You may have the ability to discover a pure-breed Bengal cat through a breeder in your location, however if you prefer to adopt from a rescue organization, check out:.

Where Buy a Bengal Cat

Rescue Me.


Take on a Pet dog.

More Feline Types as well as Additional Research.

Before you establish your heart on a Bengal cat, do plenty of study. Talk with various other Bengal cat proprietors, reliable breeders, and also Bengal cat saves such as the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. You most likely will not locate a Bengal in a sanctuary yet it does not hurt to maintain monitoring.

Bengal Cat

Size. Medium to huge with males: 10 to 18 pounds as well as ladies: 6 to 12 pounds.
Layer. Medium.
Shade. Intense orange to light brown, with dark areas or an unique marbling pattern.
This accommodating residence cat has what some would call a rowdy personality. Bengal pet cats are spirited and love to chase, climb, check out and also belong to the activity. They seek a lot of focus, are always on the move and can conveniently misbehave around your home.

The Majority Of Bengal Cats are up for adventure and also can also be educated to stroll on a chain to safely discover the outdoors. She’s smart, interested as well as might splash in an aquarium or even jump in the shower with you.

Did you know?


12 to 16 years.


One of one of the most distinctive features of this feline is its special coat pattern and also shade. Most Bengal Cats’ coats have abundant, highly contrasted shades of bright orange to light brown, with dark spots or an unique marbling pattern. Some also have a “shine” to the ideas of their fur, which sparkles when the light hits it.

Bengal Cats have a sports appearance with well-defined muscle mass, developing a lean, balanced look. They include high cheekbones, dark markings around the eyes and also the ears are small and sharp however round at the ideas. Their coats have an one-of-a-kind, deluxe feel unlike any other cat breed.

The Bengal Cat is a crossbreed of a domestic pet cat with the wild Asian Leopard Cat. The initial crossbreed was performed by Jean Mill in 1963, yet the crossbreed had not been refined till the mid-1980s. Today, Bengals are bred only with each other.


The Bengal Cat’s name originates from the taxonomic name for the Asian Leopard Pet cat, Prionailurus bengalensis.

Bengals are the only domestic cat with rosettes that look like the markings on leopards, jaguars and also ocelots.

The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted the Bengal for championship condition in 1991 and the American Feline Fanciers Organization (ACFA) accepted the type quickly after that.

The ACFA rescinded their approval after second-generation felines reportedly created problems at pet cat programs. The Bengal was reinstated to ACFA in 1997 with the caveat that any type of cats revealed needed to be 5th generation.

Caring for Bengals

A Bengal is fairly reduced upkeep. She won’t lose much and is a reliable self-groomer.

Although accountable breeders strive to stay clear of health and wellness issues and congenital diseases in their felines, there are some problems you ought to know.

Bengals may struggle with distal neuropathy and also flat-chested kitty syndrome, both of which commonly settle by themselves as the kitties grow. As they age, Bengals might create various other issues like hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation and modern retinal atrophy.

Choosing the Best Food for Bengal Cats

Due to their energised nature, Bengals require a total as well as well balanced cat food abundant in healthy protein, such as Pro Plan Appreciate or Pro Plan True Nature completely dry as well as wet food. Always talk to your vet if you have any type of inquiries or concerns, as well as gradually change your feline companions to a brand-new food to stay clear of digestive upset.

Choosing the Best Food for Bengal Kittens

Bengal kittens need additional nutrients to sustain their development as well as advancement. Take into consideration a kittycat food like Pro Plan Focus Kitten dry and wet items or Pro Plan True Nature Kitten Grain Free dry and wet items to provide your cat everything she requires to reach her complete potential.

While there were previous attempts at breeding hybrids between African leopard cats (ALC) and also domestic pet cats, the Bengal cat hybrids are credited to Jean Sudgen Mill in the 1970s. Today, many Bengal felines are bred from various other Bengal felines.

They are likewise acknowledged for registration by the American Pet Cat Fanciers Organization, the Canadian Cat Organization, the United Feline Organizations, as well as the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

Talk to various other Bengal cat owners, respectable breeders, as well as Bengal cat rescues such as the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. The Bengal Cat is a hybrid of a residential cat with the wild Eastern Leopard Pet cat.

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