Kitten Development From 6 to 12 Weeks

Kitties go through a great deal of adjustments very soon after they’re born. The initial few weeks of their lives are full of new sights and also noises, and by the time they get to six weeks old, they are practically prepared to leave their moms. But that doesn’t imply the expanding, altering, and knowing comes to a halt. Between the ages of six as well as 12 weeks old, there are still a number of huge turning points that a kitty needs to pass.


At 6 weeks of age, a kitten’s baby teeth will start to emerge. Throughout the following number of weeks, every one of the baby teeth should break through the gums as well as the mommy pet cat might hesitate to nurse due to this. At 12 weeks old, these primary teeth will then start to fall out.

A kittycat’s eyes as well as ears have opened a number of weeks earlier, but at six weeks old, the eyes will still be blue. Hearing as well as vision are completely established, and also over the following number of weeks, the eye shade will slowly change to be the final grown-up eye shade.

Until regarding 6 weeks of age, a kitten will certainly need additional warm to stay cozy. Once it has to do with a month and a half old it will no longer require a hot pad, heat light, or an additional warm source that it was relying on. As long as the kittycat remains in a room temperature environment, it will be perfectly great given that it will have the ability to self-regulate its body temperature.

If you have a male kitty, its testicles will certainly go down as well as be apparent at regarding 7 to 8 weeks old.


In between 6 as well as 12 weeks of age, a kitten is really energetic and social. It will not sleep fairly as long as it did as a newborn, yet it will certainly still spend over half the day napping. A kitten will certainly start playing with its littermates, explore its surroundings, as well as its personality will certainly begin to develop. This time around is extremely vital for establishing your kitty’s social abilities. If a kitten doesn’t have the possibilities to discover appropriate from wrong via playing as well as self-control from its mom as well as littermates, after that it may have trouble as an adult. Social abilities might endure in kittycats that were not correctly mingled or they could also create aggressiveness concerns.

Health – Care

At about eight weeks old, a kitty needs to obtain an examination with a vet and receive its first FVRCP vaccination. The FVRCP vaccine consists of 3 different inoculations in one. FVRCP stands for feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and also panleukopenia. These are major conditions that pet cats of any age can contract. This vaccination will certainly require to be repeated or supplemented with a booster vaccine 3 to four weeks later at concerning 12 weeks old and once again at about 16 weeks of age.

Some vets will certainly make sterile or sterilize a kitten in between the ages of eight and also 12 weeks old while others will certainly have a minimal weight demand or suggest the kittycat be closer to six months old before it gets this surgery. This procedure must be reviewed with your vet as well as a preoperative blood screening is often recommended to guarantee your kitty is healthy enough for anesthesia. This blood screening will certainly additionally develop a baseline for future blood testings as your kitten ages, so you will certainly have something to contrast it to.

Heartworm and flea therapies need to likewise be discussed with your veterinarian. Not all items are safe for young or tiny kitties, but these parasites can be lethal to a pet cat, especially a little kittycat. If you see fleas on your kitty you can shower it with meal soap, but you should stay clear of flea shampoos.


A six-week-old kitten must remain in the weaning process to change away from nursing. An excellent quality, tinned kittycat food ought to be combined with water to produce a tough till the kitty can consume the canned food without the added water. After that the kitten will progress to dry kitty kibble once it fits eating tinned food and it has its baby teeth. By eight to 10 weeks old, a kittycat should be totally discouraged from its mom. There is no demand to restrict the quantity of food a kitten takes in at this age.


  • Litter box training will come normally to a kittycat if they see their mom or littermates utilizing a litter box. Treatment their waste after peing or excreting is something pet cats instinctively do.
  • Showing your kitty its name can be done once it has to do with 8 weeks old via repeating and reward. Verbal appreciation, petting, toys, as well as treats are all kinds of benefits that your kitty will reply to.

Kitten Development in the First Six Weeks of Life

The necessary very first six weeks in a feline’s life will do much in establishing its character as well as character for the remainder of its life. Healthwise, this duration is additionally extremely crucial to the creating kitty, as really young kittycats are vulnerable to a variety of risks, such as fleas as well as top respiratory system infections.

Kitties will probably never ever expand once more at the impressive rate they achieve throughout this period, and seeing the adjustments in their growth from week to week is an incredible experience. Find out about their initial week and also carry on from there.

Week 1

The newborn kittycat weighs simply ounces and also quickly fits into the palm of your hand. Its umbilical cable will fall off within 2 or three days, however its eyes as well as ear canals will not be open yet.

Kittens are really defenseless at this age, however the mommy feline instinctively understands their needs. She feeds them, maintains them close by for warmth, as well as washes them with her harsh tongue, which also promotes their food digestion as well as helps them pee as well as excrete. Mother felines are really safety of their kids as well as will certainly move them to one more location if people intrude too much right into the nest.

Provided the mother has actually been vaccinated or has all-natural resistance, the kittycats will certainly get this exact same resistance for the initial 24 to two days via her colostrum, and also it will certainly last till they are old sufficient to obtain their kittycat shots.

Infants will evaluate approximately 3.5 ounces at birth and may double their weight by the end of the first week. They are merely little food processing factories now, as well as their only activities are taking care of, sleeping, as well as passing waste. There is extremely little social communication at this age, aside from contending for their favored nipple, where they will certainly suckle while working with their small paws.

The rule of thumb in regards to the total up to feed young kittens is 8 cc of formula per ounce of body weight each day. You will slowly enhance the quantity of formula for every feeding as well as decrease the number of feedings. A cubic centimeter (cc) coincides as a milliliter (ml). An ounce equals 30 cc or ml.

Week 2


Your kitten is proceeding its growth at an unbelievable rate, by a minimum of 10 grams each day. The mommy feline ought to be fed a top quality tinned kittycat food to help renew the nutrients she sheds via nursing. In the future, the kittycats will be introduced to the very same food.

Its eyes will certainly begin to open and also will be totally open at nine to 14 days old. All kitties’ eyes are blue and will stay so for several weeks. Their vision will be blurred at first, as well as their students don’t dilate and also acquire readily, so they must be avoided brilliant lights.

The kittycat’s feeling of smell is creating, as well as it will certainly seek its favored teat by fragrance. It will come to be a growing number of knowledgeable about its littermates as his senses create.

Week 3

Ear canals will be completely open, and their feeling of hearing is still establishing. Nevertheless, the kittens may alarm at loud noises. Their ears may be totally set up by this age.

Their eye color might begin to change, from heaven shared by all kittens to the adult hue. Their sense of odor will be well developed. Kitties can voluntarily eliminate now, as their digestion system is creating. The mom feline will continue to cleanse them up until they find out grooming skills.

Do not be surprised to listen to kittycats start to purr at this young age. Primary teeth will certainly start to find in now, and also the mommy cat will certainly start considering discouraging.

Week 4

newborn kittens pictures
newborn kittens pictures

Kittens will begin to stand at some point in between the third and also 4th weeks as well as will certainly try to stroll, although their very first motions will certainly be really shaky. Their bodies run out proportion to their eventual grown-up state. Little tails are very brief and “stick-like,” and their heads are overmuch large for their bodies as well as legs. This will certainly all change, however, as they obtain their “sea legs” and also start moving around.

Don’t be amazed to see kitties escaping from their nesting area as they look for to increase their perspectives. They will certainly likewise connect extra with their littermates, also to the point of developing “partnerships,” which might or may not be gender-based.

Kittens will continue to registered nurse consistently. It is essential to proceed feeding the mommy high quality food, as long as she is nursing kittens.

Week 5

Kittens will be walking easily right now and starting to have fun with their siblings. They will certainly be creating a brand-new feeling of independence, although they may not wander off much from their mother or their littermates. This will be an excellent time for them to socialize with human beings.

Kittens might be presented to tinned food right now. Select a high quality brand name of kittycat food with a named meat source as the initial active ingredient (hen is great). Ideally, they must be given the very same kitty food offered the mom feline, as the kittycats will swiftly suit and also eat mother’s food. Utilize a shallow plate as well as expect their very first experiences to be untidy.

Although the mother feline will certainly try to discourage the kitties, they still require the nursing experience to satisfy their suckling requires– a minimum of up until they are eight or 10 weeks old, whereby time the mom feline will have progressively discouraged them.

Kittens can additionally learn can basics currently. They need a smaller sized, different box, one that will certainly be easy to access as well as departure, with only an inch or more of litter. A shallow plastic storage box or lid to a shoebox could help starters. As human children experiment by sampling everything, so will kitties. Avoid their ingestion of harmful materials by using a natural clutter such as one made from corn cobs, paper, or wood chips– never use clumping clay.

Week 6

Socializing skills continue, and also there is no question that these are vibrant, energetic, kitties who will grow up all prematurely to be grown-up pet cats. They can run, strike, and also jump, and can delight themselves as well as their human onlookers endlessly. Equally as quickly they can drop off to sleep at the drop of a hat (growing up is effort), so take care not to let them tire.

Kittens will certainly follow their mother feline’s lead in socializing with humans. If she has a comfy partnership with the humans in her life, so will certainly her kittens. Nevertheless, if kitties are not accustomed to human handling by six weeks, it may be a long, slow-moving, procedure to train them later on, and such a feline may never be a “lap pet cat.”.

Tip – Kitties must learn at this age that hands are except playing– hands are for holding, stroking, as well as feeding. Among the very best “toys” for mentor this lesson is a plastic alcohol consumption straw. You can drag it across the floor as well as view the kittycat chase it, after that wiggle it a bit, and also enable it to pounce on it and also “capture” it. The baby might happily strut with its reward prior to settling to bite on it. Make sure to oversee your kittycat while with the straw, as you don’t desire them ingesting plastic.

Time Go Home

Well-socialized and completely discouraged kittens might be ready for their new forever homes in simply a number of weeks from currently. If you have actually been waiting for kittycats to be old adequate to take on, you’ll most likely be quite excited by now.

Patience, however. Keep in mind, “all good ideas deserve waiting for,” as well as in excellent circumstances, kittycats are not prepared for fostering until they go to the very least 10 or 12 weeks old.

Some veterinarians will certainly purify or neuter a kittycat in between the ages of 8 as well as 12 weeks old while others will certainly have a minimal weight need or recommend the kitten be closer to 6 months old before it obtains this surgical procedure. Not all items are secure for young or small kittycats, but these parasites can be lethal to a feline, specifically a tiny kitten. A high quality, tinned kittycat food ought to be blended with water to produce a gruel until the kitty can consume the tinned food without the included water. The kitty will certainly progress to dry kittycat kibble once it is comfy consuming canned food and also it has its baby teeth. Ideally, they need to be offered the same kittycat food offered the mom cat, as the kittycats will rapidly accommodate and also consume mama’s food.

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