Siamese Cat – full description

The Siamese cat is medium-sized, graceful, and fine-tuned with long, tapering lines. It is thin as well as muscular. The most striking quality of the Siamese cat is its “points,” which are darker color scheme on the ears, face (mask), tail, legs, as well as feet. Siamese pet cats, lovingly referred to as “meezers,” are prominent amongst those who desire a pedigreed animal. Officially identified by the Cat Fancier’s Organization in 1906, the Siamese is one of the initial types of pedigreed cats.

Full description

  • weight: 6 to 14 pounds
  • length: As much as 14 inches
  • layer: Short
  • coat shade: Seal, delicious chocolate, blue, as well as lavender
  • eye: Blue
  • Expectancy: 8 to 12 year


Siamese felines come from Thailand. In 1880, the king of Siam gave 2 sets of Siamese felines to the English consul-general in Bangkok; he brought them house to England, as well as they came to be the talk of the town. Their appeal zoomed swiftly, as individuals looked for to possess one of these attractive “Oriental” felines. The first Siamese to win a champ title was Wankee in 1898, and also the breed developed rapidly after that.

Whether Siamese breeders adhered to the courts in official Siamese program rings or vice-versa, is unclear, however, for one factor or an additional, the Siamese pet cat progressively acquired a slimmer appearance, with an extra wedge-shaped head. This modern breed of Siamese more very closely looked like the original Egyptian pet cats, as history depicts them.

In 1987, a team of Siamese breeders, distressed with the severe changes in the look of the modern-day type, and concerned with possible illness, affiliated to create the Conventional and also Traditional Pet cat International pc registry. One of the objectives of the company was to “bring back and keep the ‘Old Design’ look of each breed.”

Individuals are typically confused regarding the terms “standard” and also “classic” as it refers to Siamese cats. The creator of The Traditional Siamese Pet Cat Organization, Sheelagh Le Cocq, explains that the timeless Siamese is type of a cross in between the typical and contemporary variations, without the extremes of either. She describes the timeless age as being between 1945 and 1970.

Famous representations of Siamese felines originate from Si as well as Am in “Lady as well as the Tramp,” featured in the tune, “We Are Siamese If You Please,” sung by Peggy Lee for the computer animated Disney film. A Siamese was the title celebrity of “That Darn Pet cat!”


The Siamese cat has a short layer that requires only conventional care. Give your pet cat a good brushing once a week to lessen the threat of hairballs. Their unique factor pattern originates from recessive genetics that cause creating the dark pigment melatonin just in cooler areas of the skin. This is why you see the darker color on the legs and ears, as well as the face where the skin is cooled down throughout breathing.

Your feline’s claws might require normal trimming every 10 to 14 days. Give a scraping message to save your furniture and also woodwork. Take note of oral health, start your pet cat with normal toothbrushing at a very early age, as well as routine oral cleanings by a veterinarian.

Siamese pet cats have an unique character that is energetic, lively, as well as curious, however also trainable. They such as to climb and also must have a pet cat tree or various other structure to provide this outlet. They likewise like problem playthings and also teaser playthings to go after. You do not desire this pet cat to get tired when you are far from home, or you might return to discover it has actually depended on some mischief for entertainment.

Siamese are anything yet booked around humans. They bond to humans much like a canine does as well as will follow you around your house, seeking focus. You will discover your feline in your lap as quickly as you take a seat. They want continuous communication and also will obtain dispirited if you leave them alone for long. Therefore, they are best in a house where you are at house more of the day.

Siamese are one of one of the most vocal cat breeds. You will find they will talk with you usually, chiding you if you aren’t listening, and also talking to you as if you can understand their language.

Siamese cats blend well into households with children and types of pet that are cat-friendly. Children will certainly require to be taught correct therapy of the cat so as not to prompt a defensive reaction from the feline.

Cats live longer if they are indoor-only felines. This prevents exposure to infections from other animals and also the environment as well as injuries from battles and mishaps. A securely-fenced lawn may keep out predators, yet a Siamese is most likely to scale any fencing and getaway. Making sterile or sterilizing will likewise be useful for any kind of animal that is not being bred.

Health Problems

The most prevalent health and wellness problem for Siamese cats is an eye condition. Cross-eyed Siamese were common years ago; the exact same genetics the provided colored factors likewise resulted in defective vision electrical wiring in the brain. The propensity for crossed eyes was primarily reproduced out, however it still implies that Siamese have less-acute vision than other felines and they go to more at risk of being hit by vehicles when outside after dark.

The other major health issue that this type is prone to consist of:

Breathing condition: Siamese felines with wedge-shaped heads are a lot more predisposed to respiratory troubles, consisting of bronchial asthma and also bronchial disease.

Liver problems as a result of amyloidosis, which is caused by an irregular protein that is deposited in the body’s body organs

Kidney amyloidosis, the buildup of the same unusual protein in the kidneys, which can disrupt typical kidney feature

Congenital heart flaws, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common pet cat heart disease that can result in heart failure.

You ought to give all of the common residential cat immunizations, preventative veterinary therapies, as well as check-ups.


Dry feline food can aid keep a feline’s teeth as well as gum tissues healthy and balanced, while damp food gives fluids for pet cats that might not drink sufficient water. Be sure to give fresh, clean water so your feline does not prevent it. While numerous cats moderate what they eat normally, some will eat way too much if they have open door to food. If you see your feline putting on weight, you might intend to offer 2 dishes a day and take away any uneaten sections.

Your pet cat may require a modified diet plan with progressing age. Review your cat’s nutritional needs with your veterinarian. Staying clear of obesity is the very best means to permit your pet cat to live to a healthy and balanced older age.


  • Strongly bonds to its human family members
  • Unique, unique look with blue, almond-shaped eyes
  • Need to get along with other cats or cat-friendly pet dogs and children
  • Active, energetic, and extremely trainable


  • Extra predisposed to eye, respiratory system, kidney, liver, and also heart troubles
  • Can obtain dispirited if laid off for long periods of time
  • Obtains bored easily, needs continuous enrichment as well as task
  • Tends of being loud and singing

Where to Siamese Cat

You might be able to find a pure-blooded Siamese cat with a breeder in your area, yet if you prefer to adopt from a rescue organization, look into:

  • Siamese Rescue
  • Petfinder
  • Adopt a Family pet

More Cat Breeds 

Prior to you decide whether a Siamese cat is the appropriate one for you, research the type additionally by talking with other Siamese proprietors, respectable breeders, as well as rescue organizations.

Formally recognized by the Feline Fancier’s Association in 1906, the Siamese is one of the initial breeds of pedigreed cats.

The creator of The Conventional Siamese Feline Organization, Sheelagh Le Cocq, clarifies that the classic Siamese is kind of a cross between the standard as well as contemporary variations, without the extremes of either. Cats live longer if they are indoor-only cats. The tendency for crossed eyes was primarily reproduced out, yet it still implies that Siamese have less-acute vision than other cats and also they are at more at danger of being hit by lorries when outdoors after dark.

Dry cat food can assist maintain a cat’s teeth and also periodontals healthy, while wet food offers fluids for felines that might not consume alcohol adequate water.

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