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The American Longhair cat is a robust, handsome cat with a dog-like character as well as a medium-length to long-length double coat.

The American Longhair cat was the result of attempts by breeders to infuse particular Persian shade ranges into American shorthair felines. The longer coat and several of these shades appeared genetically linked, and the outcome was a pet cat with a combination of qualities from both it’s Persian as well as American shorthair ancestors.

Various from the Residential Longhair which has no clear lineage, the American Longhair comes from champion bloodlines, as well as some people are signed up in multiple feline fancier organizations, however the type itself is not recognized by the bigger organizations right now.

The major difference in between American Longhair felines and also Domestic Longhair cats is that American Longhair cats should have a pedigree that can be traced back to both the American Shorthair and the Persian.

Most American Longhair pet cats have a little bit of the snub nose of a Persian pet cat, however this varies amongst people. The well-muscled, athletic body is conventional, together with the dense, and a lot shedding dual coat.

Periodically Maine Coon cats are referred to as American Longhairs, since they were created in the USA.


The character of the American Longhair cat is generally fairly smooth, with a bit of an independent touch.

They can be a terrific choice for a busy family or a functioning solitary because they do not call for much fussing or attention, however the lengthy layer does require some treatment as it will certainly mat quickly without a great brushing once or twice a week.

American Longhairs tend to be a little bit more active than either of their parent types. They are a lot more athletic than Persians, and also a lot more pleasant, as a whole, than American Shorthairs.

These cats make terrific additions to barns as they often tend to be really keen on various other animals like horses, goats and also cows, and they usually get on quite possibly with pets. Big canines need not be as well delicate with the big-boned American Longhair, as well as small dogs frequently find themselves with a warm cuddle-buddy.

These cats are not typically lap-cats, but because of the Persian influence they can make really enjoyable, patient friends for elderly or house-bound people, as long as their brushing requirements are satisfied.

The American Longhair really delights in the outdoors and might spend lots of time gazing out the window. Fortunately they have a tendency to be easily trainable and also tranquil enough to adapt to a harness and also leash for a little outdoor stroll.

Although large animals and canines are their friends, these cats often tend to be smart seekers, as well as parakeets, small animals, and also even pet fish could be on the food selection if their cages and storage tanks aren’t effectively secured!

These felines adapt to various way of livings well, but might not be the first choice for a family members with lots of kids, not due to the fact that they will be hostile but since they may be evasive, choosing to avoid the turmoil.

Attractive, long-lived and sturdy, the American Longhair can be a terrific family pet for the ideal home.


Just Like American Shorthairs, American longhair kittens tend to be simply a little much less brawler than some other breeds. They are even-tempered, perhaps a little timid, as well as may take a little time to get used to a brand-new setting.

They ought to be managed typically to insure deep bonds with family members, as well as kept on a regular feeding timetable as they may often tend to overindulge.

Kitten-proofing is definitely recommended for any individual considering embracing or purchasing any type of kitten.

High furnishings ought to be off restrictions, care needs to be taken when holding these excitable children, especially when carrying them throughout difficult wood or ceramic tile floorings, and spaces under counters as well as doors ought to be enclosed as they have a really strong urge to explore.

In Look, the American longhair kitty looks rather like a small grownup, yet they often tend to have a bit of “baby fuzz” that they loose at around six months, as well as their full dimension and weight may not be achieved till well into their initial year.

Real size of their layer may not be revealed till their 2nd full winter season. Some might ultimately develop guard hairs as long as 6 inches year-round, loosing just the undercoat in the warmer months, while others may preserve more of a “plush” appearance, with hair no longer than 4 inches.


Head: The head should be huge, round, broad and also strong. The cheeks should be full presenting an effective appearance. There ought to be a small concave or “dished” quality to the face. The muzzle is squarish and also may be somewhat compressed, with a solid, well-formed chin.

Ears: The ears must not be unduly large, however tool in proportion to the head, wide at the base with rounded suggestion and also great area in between. Feathering on the ears is extremely desirable.

Eyes: The eyes must be big and also round, extensively spaced, bright, clear, and of any color. Odd-eyes are allowable, as long as it is not accompanied by deafness.

Body and Tail: This must be a medium to large size feline that is somewhat longer than it is tall with a powerful, wide body and deep, well-formed breast. A pad of fat on the abdominal area is common for this breed and also entirely acceptable. The neck is short and stout. The legs are tool in size and also well boned with a meaty quality. The feet are tool to huge in size as well as round with five toes ahead, four in back. The tail needs to be of tool length, plume-like, and also is typically lugged level with the leading line.

Layer: There is a complete dual layer with long, straight external guard hairs. Any kind of color except ticked or pointed patterns.

Overall Look: This should be a durable, broad-faced and also eye-catching pet with a natural, only a little polished appearance, calm, in some cases scheduled, but not shy. A wonderful, traditional domestic cat, with complete, dual coat and well-furred, plume-like tail.


  • The American Longhair is the outcome of going across Persians with American Shorthairs
  • These felines tend to hit it off with horses and also pets
  • American Longhairs occasionally have additional toes
  • The American Longhair comes in nearly any shade, however grey tabby is most usual

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